Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dogs with purpose

As I headed out of town this morning I noticed a dog walking swiftly down Redford Street in Port Alberni. It reminded me of other times I have seen dogs walking briskly down a road or sidewalk. I always wonder where they are going. It's different than a dog who has recently escaped their yard and is bounding between all the interesting smells they come across until they are recaptured by their owners or picked up by the SPCA. And it's different than seeing a dog lying around in the sun or guarding the home. These dogs seem to have another purpose, a drive, a direction. It always makes me wonder what could be so important? Where are they from? Where were they and where are they headed so intently? Just a few mundane thoughts of owner of two of my own mutts...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I took this picture as I sat in the back of an obnoxiously big SUV-limo driving on Beach Avenue in Vancouver. I was visiting my old stomping grounds last weekend to partake in a variety of stag-related activites for my buddy Scott. He's getting married in 3 weeks. The day began with my riding like a maniac to catch the 8:30 ferry. I have been having battery problems so upon disembarking from the ferry, one of the deck-hands offered to give me a push so I could jump-start the ole gal. I made it to Fraserview Golf Course in time for our 11:23 tee-off. It turns out Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far in Vancouver. I'm glad I decided on my moto, even though I had to rent clubs and pack what I could in my teeny tiny tankbag. After a poorly-played but fun round of golf I had a quick visit with Ly (of previous FUH2 fame) before heading to the barbeque and subsequent evening of debauchery. I actually ended up calling it a relatively early night at 12:30am after having forgotten my credit card at one establishment and then not being able to find the next venue. I hopped in a cab and headed to chez mama. Ah well, I had fun and needed to catch up on my winks after two previous nights of very little sleep.

Sunday morning, well afternoon, I managed to crawl out of my old single bed from back in the day that my mom still keeps in her guest room and go for the "cure" with Scott. He swears by eggs benny in helping one feel human after a night of mass consumption - even though I was pretty mellow, it was my third night out. After picking up my moto, which by some grace of the Battlestar Galactica Gods started without a hitch I headed to the land of the rich Indians (lol, Squamish) and met up with Old Man Rivers. We had a good chat on the pier near Ambleside. In OMR I trust. Dirka, dirka.

[I can't stand Norah Jones. Don't ask why.]

It has been a crazy-busy couple of weeks and I have been somewhat negligent in posting here. So there was my buddy's stag party. I good friend of mine is going through difficult times and well it just sucks and I wish it were 6 months from now for her. I've had my ups and downs lately as well. I find when I am not distracted by something, meaningful or not, I am feeling exceedingly lonely...still working on the whole being alone without feeling lonely thing. :p

[Break-up songs still suck. I'm glad Mexico got knocked out of the World Cup.]

The previous weekend: Father's Day. I took my pops out for breakfast (note to self: remember to update my list), and then we went for what is normally my only round of golf of the year. I know some of my revolutionary friends are cringing but I refuse to feel bad about this annual tradition I share with Wickaninnish. After golf, and some lying around watching some football on the telly, we had lunch with my sis, her husband and my neph. Here is a picture of his lemon-face:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Intellectual Warriors?

I have always been a reluctant warrior. Most times I have felt the term to be pretentious. More recently, I have preferred to be on the path of being a Nuu-chah-nulth Witwaak. Semantics and subtleties aside, I should update you on my activities this past week. I am beginning the second and last week of an Indigenous Governance seminar course at the University of Victoria. It's called the ILF: Indigenous Leadership Forum (or as I have come to call it: the Indigenous leprechaun Front, for no other reason than to bring some light-heartedness to a sometimes heavy-hearted endeavour). Dr. Taiaiake Alfred has gathered about 40 students and community leaders and activists from all across occupied Canada, the north and even one student from south of the border to further the process of creating political alternatives (to existing federally-funded Aboriginal institutions) that truly meet the needs of our people. It has been challenging to say the least. Despite our commonalities, we also possess many differences as Indigenous peoples. The challenge will be to build upon the commonalities and not let our differences divide us to the detriment of all. It is my hope that a national network will be established that can support local organizing, for my heart remains at home with my people, the Nuu-chah-nulth and Tsimshian. I will let you know how it goes in future posts. Cuu for now...(academic)W