Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yay! She's back!

Who or what did you think I meant? How well do you know me anyway? How far back into the vague mundane archives have you gone? I'm speaking of course of my Apple G4i Book, who I shall nickname, Guadalupe just because that name has always put a smile on my face. I brought her into the Mac hospital July31st and I just got her back today. She had to have two busted power cord pins removed and a new cd drive/burner put in. Looking at the invoice, I'm now glad I sunk over 300 clams into the extended warrenty 19 months ago.

Anyways, not too exciting, but I am happy to have her back. I'm sitting in somewhat familiar surroundings - the Serious Coffee on Douglas in Mituunii with an iced americano in hand of course ;-D. What is exciting is that I start school again in a little over a week! I'm down trying to find a pad and pickings are slim it seems. In addition to cruising around and calling prospective landlords, I dropped into the Uvic bookstore and picked up about 7 of the 10-12 books I will need this semester. I will keep you, my faithful readers, posted on the forthcoming Decolonizing Adventures of Dubya.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's almost the end of the work day, I'm listening to Blackfire and I feel like moshing.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

...some people fought back...

I've recently had time to reflect. I've also been inspired by the actions and discussions I have had with certain friends and family members recently. A lot has been said about the current state of affairs of Indigenous people, our people. Quite simply to quote one of my hereos, "we're getting the shit kicked out of us right now." Our adversaries (imperialist settlers, governments and companies who wish only to expolit us, our culture, lands, waters and resources in case it's not obvious) have learned well. For the most part, the aboriginal leadership no longer believe we are at war, let alone a stage of crisis requiring something immediate. Economic development, capacity building, joint-ventures have become the new battle cries. They are our friends now. We no longer want to rock the boat, because we are in it too, trying to get ahead, trying to be progressive, trying to create economic opportunies for the people. [And in case that last sentence didn't reek with enough sarcasm, I say, "bull shit!"]

We are at war. And we are losing and it's even more complicated than it was for our anscestors. To borrow a quote from one of my favourite pop-culture indulgances (BSG): "Our children need to know that some people fought back, and others collaborated." Each of us, each of our communities have Indigenous laws, that supercede the prestige or authority of any one person. It is true that most of those laws are no longer adhered to. Much of our ways have been relegated to the trash heaps of tokenism. And while I agree that many of our practices must adapt, I believe that we cannot truly thrive as Indigenous people unless we breathe life back into our sacred principles and responsibilities.

Knowing this, it begs an obvious question: What am I doing right now, to further the revival of those laws, principles and sacred responsibilities?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

bananas give me heartburn

It's confirmed. Bananas give me heartburn :( After careful testing, data gathering and analysis I have determined that I can no longer consume peanut butter and banana sandwiches without paying the price. Damn you Jimmy and your JD Squishy Ways!!! I used to have the gut of a young man...sigh. Ah well. I must take full responsibility.

Speaking of paying attention to these sorts of things, I unofficially announce my intention to begin walking a better path, setting aside the ways W the pirate and adopting the ways of W the student/jedi/aspirant witwaak. This will coincide nicely with my return to school. As some of you already know, I will be returning to UVic shortly, re-entering my 3rd year towards a BA in Political Science. Specifically, I will be taking 5 Poli. Sci. courses this semester: International Security, International Politics: Mideast, International Politics: East Asia, Early Political Thought and Aboriginal (:p) Self Government. I will be leaving my cushy brown bureaucratic job and returning to school full time, and thus will begin the simplified living of W. I'm sure I will be counting on the generosity of family to help out with salmon and other game to supplement my KD and Mr. Noodles. In addition to the spartan living, I will be selling my car, keeping my moto, but riding my bicycle more. Over the past 2 years I have gradually gotten rid of lots of "stuff" so the transition shouldn't be too much of a shock.

Yesterday, I decided to simplify my cyberlife as well, and I'm happy to announce that myspace has won the battle of the pseudo-networking-thinly-veiled-singles-sites and I will be closing my bebo and hi5 accounts shortly, once I find a reliable person to carry on the management of my hi5 Eduardo Galeano group. The cool tunes ultimately won the day, although the bebo quizzes and polls are kinda fun in an obbessively narcissistic way (to quote one sarcastic Gitxsan sister).

Next fun task: Look for a place to live in Mituunii. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Coup

What a weekend! I need another weekend to get over my weekend. Saturday night me and a few comrades went to see The Coup in Victoria. It was a kick ass show. It was off the hook. They raised the roof. Haha, What are the kids saying these days? Groovy? The shizzly dizzly bizzly? The Coup almost defy classification...I mean if one had to choose, one might say hip hop, but they also come with a real band, with real instruments which is always cool for a live show and one can't forget tha FUNK. Their tunes are easy to dance to and they came with enough energy at the right points to get at least Fish in a moshing mood. On top of it all, they are seriously political and socially conscientious, which is exactly what the Goin' Coastal crew are into. After the show I bought their new CD, Pick a Bigger Weapon (notabley, Succha and I - aka, the "friendly fellas" bought our CDs - while Fish and 'Rica were given their CDs I highly reccomend you either buy or charm your CD...check out a few tracks at:

Anyways, back to my sedate bureaucratic life to get the rest I need from my action-packed 3-day weekend (I didn't even tell you about the other two nights and days full of action, adventure, vino, a lil veritas, intrigue, chillin', swimmin', family fun, card playin', ah the pirate days are numbered...)