Wednesday, April 26, 2006

has it really been almost 2 weeks?

My apologies dear readers. I've been somewhat delinquent in posting to this blog lately. It's been a busy 12 days. Where do I start? School I think. My friends, family and observant patrons will know that I have been taking an online course this past semester: IGOV 384 through the University of Victoria. I've received A's for all my assignments so far, with the results from my participation and final paper components to go. Wish me luck. Oh, and word around the campfire is I may get my final paper published in a left-wing rag. I'll keep you posted.

I think I am finally over my cough.

That mountain (Lau Wel New), I mentioned in a previous post, well I've climbed it 4 times since. That along with my recent self-imposed denial of evil colonial carbohydrates should get me back in shape just in time for swim suit season. Did I say this last year? Back to the mountain, fight the power Menethia! We got ya back.

Yesterday, I responded to the call from our Vancouver sisters and brothers to help with security at the Six Nations Deterrence Rally. Not to rain on anyone's parade but generally speaking, I am not a big fan of the whole rally, protest, march thing. This one was different though. The feeling, the energy in the air was different. It reminded me of 1990. People, specifically Indigenous people are feeling indignant and dignified again, even though some people are not sure why. They just know that it is a good time to be Indigenous.

Let's see what else did I get up to? I'm reading a REALLY good book: Women of Maize. I am only on page 88 but so far I find the voices of these Indigenous women from Chiapas powerful, inspiring and humbling. For all you rebels and closet-rebels out there, I highly recommend it.

Oh, one last thing. I posted a guest column, "Detoxing From Canada" on my other blog. It was originally published here, the words of a cool settler indeed.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Mt. Lau Wel New

Yesterday I completed #12 on my list. The mountain was Mt. Lau Wel New (aka Mt. Newton to the local settlers). It was not as big a mountain as I had originally conceived when I drafted my list and I did not 'conquer' it. I was humbled by it, and not just because I have pneumonia or some other plague that makes me cough up my lungs and it kicked my butt, but because of the significance of the mountain to my brothers and sisters of the territory. It probably took about 30 minutes to get to the top and I know that I was going pretty slow, but the view from the top made it feel like we were on top of the world and at a very special place indeed. I am not as well-versed in the local stories as I would like to be to share it with you but I look forward to learning more especially as development threatens this beautiful place. I will keep you, eager reader, informed and enlightened as best I can.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

201 Today :D

As I sat upright, left hand on my thigh, riding my motorcycle into the town of Ladysmith I felt like a conquering hero. This morning I finally did it. I've been thinking about this one (#22) for some time. On a long, straight, downhill strip of highway between Chemainus and Ladysmith, much to the chagrin of my mom, Margo and even Scooter I think, I managed to get the old 599 up to 201. :D I probably could have pushed it a little further but at that speed, one doesn't even want to sneeze or breathe for that matter, so the time between getting to the goal and freaking out with sudden paranoid images that one might describe as "human scab" and "cheese grater" is very short indeed. Another one bites the dust! :D

Monday, April 03, 2006

Is Google Radical or is it just me?

I've been using Google Mail for a few months now but it took me until just last week to notice something. Google is radical. I started to notice a pattern as I was reading an e-mail from my good friend, Chiinuuks. As Old Man Rivers has pointed out in his review/endorsement, unlike other free webmail services GMail uses only very subtle advertisements (text only). There is a single line of "news" on the main screen and a series of sponsored links on the right side of the e-mail composition screen. Much more pleasant than the pop-ups and large ads advertising free iPods or online dating sites I can assure you. At first I thought it was funny that it would show a link for Frantz Fanon and then I noticed it was always telling about Indigenous issues, protests in France, organic, fair-trade food and so on. I then remembered what I friend told me sometime ago. GMail scans my outgoing and incoming e-mails for keywords and then lists related news items and advertisements. A little spooky, but so far I am finding it innocuous enough. What do you think?

Well, it is April, for all you bureaucrats, the beginning of a new fiscal year. Spring is here. I lost my mobile phone and digital camera on the weekend. Time to turn over a new leaf and all the other good cliches. Seriously, time to reduce and/or eliminate some of the contradictions in my life. Dubya is feeling humble today.